custom-made code

About Me

Hi, I'm Christian.

I'm a senior full-stack developer, software architect and open-source contributor located in Berlin, Germany. I dedicate my time to projects that help to simplify the daily routine of others.

Currently, I work remote at, where we create training data for autonomous driving.

Open Source

Rust & Nix


Centerpiece is a blazing fast, extendable launcher with minimalistic UI for wayland. I've started centerpiece in a quest to remove all visual bars from my desktop environent. It turned out great, has already reached 1.0.0 and a bunch of people use it daily!

Nix & Lua


I've been running on NixOS for a while now and have compiled a repository containing my custom configuration for it.

My goal was to design a system which maximizes the usage of screen space. Thus, this system has no bars. Instead system interactions like changing wifi networks, switching windows or launching applications are done using centerpiece, an extendable launcher.

Typescript, Vue.js & Node.js


Rembrandt is a resource organization and resource usage optimization plattform. It is fully integrated with a business process management system and features a 'bring your own code' system utilizing docker containers.



Kirito is a Discord bot encouraging players to join voice channels on Discord Servers. It provides a gamified leveling system based on player-in-voice time.